Not Achieving Ketosis- Usually people does not lose weight on the keto diet because they have not achieved ketosis. They may still be eating enough carbs in the diet and body is still producing energy from glucose and hence prevent the body from burning fat. To reach the state of ketosis carbohydrate intake must be drastically reduced upto 30g per day. NutroActive comes up with Keto tablet that will further help your body to reach ketosis faster. We have also developed many low carb keto friendly flours, keto snacks, keto sugar that can easily be incorporated in the diet and helps in quick weight loss.

Eating too much protein- Keto diet is a extremely low carb moderate protein and high fat diet. A person on a keto diet should take most of the calories about from fats. A person should take 50g fat, 60 protein and 25g of carbs in the diet. If the person’s intake of protein is more than 100g in a day, the body will break down excess protein into amino acids & further convert them into sugar which will kick you out of ketosis and results in weight gain.

Drinking Alcohol- Most of the alcoholic drinks including wine and beer are high in carbohydrates. They are very calorie dense and does not provide body with the essential nutrients and thus results in weight gain.

No Exercise Or Physical Activity- Exercise plays an important part in staying fit. It boost up your body’s metabolism & helps in burning more calories. As on keto diet a person eats a high fat diet which contain too much calories, burning calories through exercise can help a person reach their desired weight.

Underlying Medical Conditions- Sometimes a person may be doing everything right and still be unable to lose weight on keto diet. This may be due to underlying medical conditions that can contribute to weight gain. This includes hypothyroidism, depression, stress, PCOD, diabetes, etc.

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