Keto Diet

Intermittent fasting is an eating method in which you have to set fasting and eating window. There are several different ways to do IF with keto depending upon your lifestyle and weight loss goals. 

The easiest way to start IF with Keto is 16/8 method. In this, you have to fast for 16 hours and eat 2-3 meals within the remaining 8 hours window throughout the day. For example if you are having your breakfast at 10:00 am, your second meal should be at 2:00 pm and your last meal should be at 6:00 pm, so that you eat only within 8 hour window and fast for remaining 16 hours i.e. from 7:00 pm till next day 10:00 am.

While doing IF with Keto diet you have to take the meals at fixed timings without drinking or eating snacks in between the meals. This ensures that we are having less calories intake. And therefore it helps in reaching ketosis faster during the fasting period and an effective way to lose weight and belly fat.  

IF with keto diet boost metabolism by promoting heat production in the body. Thus the body starts utilizing stubborn fat stores and helps in burning more fat.

So, therefore, combing Intermittent fasting with keto is an effective approach for weight loss and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

So start planning your meals and achieve your weight loss goals faster.

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