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LipoQuick Tablet is a Weight Loss speed booster. Speed of weight reduction depends on metabolic speed of our body. Metabolic speed is influenced by our thyroid gland whose main function is to maintain body temperature. If the body temperature of a person remains low, it means lot of metabolic reactions in the body are slow which leads to slow weight loss speed. During the weight loss process, our body use stored fat as energy. Hence when thyroid gland is supported by appropriate dietary nutrients, it helps in increasing the fat burning speed. Metabolic speed can be easily determined by measuring body temperature daily at 6 am in the morning for a week. If average body temperature for a week turns out to be less than 98 degree Fahrenheit, it means metabolic speed of a body is low. Lower the temperature, slower is the speed of metabolism in the body; hence slower is the speed of weight loss. Our normal body temperature is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. LipoQuick Fat Burner tablet contains natural herbs and nutrients which helps in boosting metabolism and thereby increasing the speed of weight loss. It regulates the function of thyroid gland and improves metabolism of the body.

  • CORRECT DIET PLAN – Appropriate Diet Plan along with required Nutritional Dietary Supplements is the best way to Lose Weight. A Low Carb healthy diet plan needs to be followed wherein high carb foods like grains & sugar are to be avoided. If you have any queries regarding the product and diet, you may call our Nutritionist at the no. mentioned on the box.
  • BOOSTING METABOLISM - If you tend to gain weight easily but find it very difficult to lose weight, then you are probably suffering from slow metabolism. LipoQuick Fat Burner provides natural ingredients which helps in boosting metabolism. It regulates the function of thyroid gland and helps improve body’s metabolism speed.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS- Dry Skin, dry hair, facial puffiness, cold hands, cold feet, constipation etc are symptoms of underactive thyroid. LipoQuick Weight Loss Tablet contains natural ingredients & nutrients like tyrosine, selenium, zinc, iodine, vitamin A which helps thyroid gland in maintaining normal body temperature and boosting metabolism and thereby helps in fat loss & inch loss.
  • LOW DOPAMINE - People with low Dopamine feel less energetic and depressed while people with healthy level of Dopamine feel energetic. LipoQuick Bullet contains Tyrosine Amino Acid which works as raw material for production of dopamine in our body. Tyrosine is useful in conditions like stress, cold, fatigue, prolonged work and sleep deprivation.
  • HOW TO USE – Take 1 tablet daily early morning empty stomach. Along with taking LipoQuick Weight Loss Tablet please follow a low carbohydrate diet plan.

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Lipoquick Bullet Tab

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