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SportsFit Atta SOYA Free High Protein Flour (44%) – 750gm

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  • SOYA FREE HIGH PROTEIN ATTA:——- NutroActive Sports Fit Atta is made using high quality pea protein concentrate, isolated wheat protein and whey protein concentrate. This is a good product for the people who are allergic to soya products or wants to avoid soya protein for some or the other reasons. Based on the demand from some of our customers for a soya free atta, we created this SportsFit soya-free atta.

  • ULTRA HIGH PROTEIN :–——- NutroActive Sports Fit Atta is too high in terms of protein content. It contains 44% Protein as compare to apprx. 11% protein in normal wheat flour. Each chapatti of Sports Fit Atta (20g) would contains 9g protein which is more than two whole eggs. Now Chapatti (Rotis) can add more protein than eggs.

  • ULTRA LOW CARB : ———– NutroActive Sports Fit Atta is very low in carb. It contains only 17% carb compared to about 70% in normal wheat or multigrain flour. That means each chapatti (20g) of sports fit atta contains only 4gm net carb.

  • HIGH FIBER:——-– Sports Fit Atta is rich in fiber and contains 2 times more fiber as compared to normal wheat flour. Each chapatti of Sports Fit Atta contains 4.5 grams dietary fibers. Normally high fiber flours which are considered to be healthy make hard and dry chapattis. Sports Fit Atta is a great combination with high protein, high fiber and low carb and still chapatti remains soft and tasty even after hours.

  • PROTEIN FOR VEGETARIAN ATHLETE: —–– Athletes require a high protein diet which is not possible without including eggs in the diet. Each chapatti of NutroActive Sports Fit Atta contains more protein than two whole eggs. It is a great option for Athletes and people who love to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. It is also an excellent option for vegetarian Athletes because in vegetarian diet there are very few good source of protein.


Product Description

The specialty of Sports Fit Atta is its low carbohydrate, high protein and high fibre. Sports Fit Atta is very close to your normal wheat atta in terms of texture and taste. It is also very easy to make the chapatis using Sports Fit Atta, Prepare soft dough using warm water repeatedly and let the dough sit for 10-20 mins before rolling chapatti. NutroActive Sports Fit Atta can be used for making chapattis, puri, paratha, kulcha, katchori, cake, cookies etc. Now your rotis can pack more protein than eggs and helps you in maintaining fitness goals. It is a very good option for people who are searching high protein vegetarian food or who are on low carb or ketogenic diet.

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