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Mass Gainer Atta | High Protein Low Carb | Healthy Weight Gain | 750g

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Being underweight can be as troublesome as being overweight. Eating high carb junk food to gain weight will make you sick. It is very important to eat healthy and balanced nutrition to gain weight. Almost all weight gainer products contains too much carbohydrates (75%) and little protein (15%). Maltodextin is the main ingredient which is being used in most of the Weight Gainers which can lead to insulin resistance. High insulin resistance increases stomach size and causes diabetes. NutroActive have more than 10 years of clinical experience in nutritional consultation. Based on our experience we have formulated NutroActive Mass Gainer Atta which is a balanced formula for weight gain and suits Indian population where chapatti is the main food.

  • Healthy Weight Gain – Gaining weight can be difficult if not done correctly. Unhealthy food loaded with carbs leads to weight gain only on tummy, so choosing the correct way is important. 1. Eat more calorie dense food with balanced nutrition so that even small quantity of food gives more calories. 2. Eat more proteins to increase full body muscle mass; intake of more carbs leads to only stomach fat. 3. Exercise more so that excess calories taken gets converted into muscle mass & not fat.
  • Balanced Formula of 1234 – NutroActive Mass Gainer Atta is scientifically designed to pack more calories and balanced nutrition so that whole body mass increases & not only stomach. 1 part fiber, 2 parts healthy fat, 3 parts plant based protein and 4 parts of carbs. It contains more protein than any other weight gain product. Most of weight gainers contains 75% carbs & 15% protein whereas our Mass Gainer Atta contains 41% carbs and 30% protein. High protein helps in building body mass.
  • Calorie dense formula – Intake of calorie dense food is the key requirement to gain weight. NutroActive Mass Gainer atta contains more calories per 100g as compare to other Weight Gainers. The sources of calories are from healthy nuts and seeds like peanut, almond, coconut, flax seed etc. This Weight Gainer Atta will acquire lesser space in stomach than liquid shakes; hence your consumption of calories per meal can be increased easily.
  • Many Ways to Use – Usually Mass Gainer Powder can be used only as shakes whereas NutroActive Mass Gainer atta can be used in variety of way in your kitchen so that you don’t get bore eating just one type of food. This Weight Gain Atta can be used for making roti, parantha, stuffed parantha, poori, chilla, halwa, cake etc.
  • Plant based protein – NutroActive Mass Gainer Atta is made with all plant based protein only. It is safe and economical to use when compared to the cost of Mass Gainer Shakes or Weight Gainer or Muscle Gainer Shakes.
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