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Keto Dosa Instant Dosa Mix- 350gm

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  • ULTRA LOW CARBS: —- NutroActive Keto Dosa is ultra low carb instant dosa mix which contains just 15% net carb as against 70-80% carbs in normal dosa batter. One dosa of NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix would contain 3 gm net carb if 20 gm Keto Dosa is used to make one dosa.

  • GLUTEN FREE : —– NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix is Gluten Free as it is made using nuts and seeds like peanuts, almond flour, flax seed, coconut etc. So people with gluten sensitivity can also follow keto diet easily using this Keto Dosa Mix

  • EASY TO MAKE DOSA – It is very easy to prepare Dosa using NutroActive Keto Dosa as compare to other Keto Dosa available or homemade Keto Dosa. Take Keto Dosa mix in a bowl and keep adding normal water and stirring until you get a dosa batter consistency. Spread the batter on the non stick pan on a low flame in a circular motion. Put the flame high and cook from both sides.

  • SOFT AND TASTY DOSA :—– Dosa made from NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix tastes great but the texture of the dosa will not be as crispy as normal dosa because it does not contain starch. Normal rice dosa contain high carb rice starch which makes it hard and crispy on heating.

  • STORAGE :——- NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix is packed in vacuum packing (which looks hard from outside) so that it does not get rancid due to the high oil content. Store it in refrigerator to enhance its shelf life.


Product Description

Keto Diet used to be tough long back ago and almost impossible for pure vegetarians. With the launch of NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix after NutroActive Keto Flour, Keto Diet is not less than a cake walk. Under Keto Diet, a person needs to reduce his net carb intake to 30 gm per day so as to get good results. So even if you eat 2 chapatti or roti per day made from NutroActive Keto Atta and 2-3 dosa made from NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix per day, it will only be 8-10 gm net carbs. It is a rice free Dosa Mix which would contains just 3 gm net carb. Therefore you will still be left with 20 gm cushion to accommodate other sources of carbs.

Tastes Great

NutroActive Keto Dosa is a low carb instant dosa mix that makes a delightful and delicious soft dosa. You can add some veggies or crumbled paneer along with some spices to enhance the taste and flavour. It is perfect for breakfast brunch, evening snack and sometimes a light dinner too. It will satisfy your taste buds with healthy low crab keto diet nutritious meal.

Easy To Make

This Dosa is very easy and quick to prepare without any much effort. Just mix the dosa flour with water and make the smooth paste of dosa batter consistency. The dosas turn out to be soft, tasty and light. As Keto Dosa is made using healthy ingredients like nuts and seeds. Hence the texture of the dosa will not be as crispy as normal rice dosa.

Instant Dosa Mix

It is an Instant Dosa Mix that will satisfy your cravings for dosas while on Keto Diet. NutroActive Keto Dosa is another ready made breakfast that saves time and offers you a healthy breakfast meal. You just have to add water to the dosa flour, make paste of dosa batter consistency and start cooking.

Keto Friendly

NutroActive Keto Dosa is made using nuts and seeds and a great option for those who are on Keto or low carb diet. It contains just 15% net carbs as against 80% in normal rice dosa. You can replace any one of your meal with Keto Dosa. It will help you to stay on track without increasing your overall carbs intake.

Gluten Free

As NutroActive Keto Dosa is made up of nuts & seeds, it is a healthy alternative for people who are gluten allergic and wants to reduce their carb intake. It is a great replacement to your regular dosa batter. It is an excellent option for those who are on No grain or gluten free diet.

High Protein

It contains high amount of protein. It contains 37g of protein per 100gm as against only 11g protein in normal rice & dal dosa. It’s a great option for vegetarians who want to add more protein to their diet and want to enjoy some healthy snacking options.

Healthy fat

NutroActive Keto Dosa is made using nuts and seeds that contains good quality fats. It contains 25g healthy fat per 100 gm and generates the feeling of fullness after eating. Fat is used as a main fuel source while on Keto Diet. Therefore It is a great option for people who are on keto or low carb diet or who are looking forward to increase good fats in their diet.


This Keto Dosa is a multiseed based flour made up of different kinds of seeds like peanut, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds etc. All the ingredients are healthy and gives its own taste and flavour. Replace your normal dosa batter with NutroActive Keto Dosa and achieve your weight and fitness goals.

Perfect Breakfast

Dosa is one of the main foods in Indian Standard Diet. NutroActive Keto dosa is a delicious traditional breakfast meal loaded with healthy ingredients. It tastes great and also satisfy your cravings for snacks. It contains all low carb ingredients and does not contain starch. It satisfy your taste buds and it’s a perfect breakfast dish for people who are on keto or low carb diet.

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