Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Chewy Cookies | Zero Sugar | Gluten Free

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Keto Cookies (8% Net Carb):

Your search for ultra low carb snacks ends here because NutroActive Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Chewy Cookies contains just 8 % net carb. These cookies do not contain any Maida or sugar. These cookies are Gluten Free, Eggless, Trans Fat-Free, Low Carb, High Protein and hence a keto compliant cookies.

Pure Cocoa Powder:

NutroActive Chocolate Hazelnut Chewy Cookies are made with pure ingredients like hazelnut flour and cocoa powder without using maida that is how it gives just 8% Net Carbohydrates whereas normal bakery cookies give 65% net carb. It is an ideal snack for people who want to follow a low carb or keto diet and looking for some keto food options.

Tastes Great:

These Keto Cookies are prepared using sugar-free sweetener sucralose which is very similar in taste to sugar, make its taste great. Once accustomed to these chocolate hazelnut cookies, you will not like the normal maida cookies. NutroActive products are available at a very reasonable price because we believe healthy products should be reachable to the masses.

Low GI and Trans Fat-Free:

These Cookies are manufactured using trans-fat free vegetable fat to make it completely healthy. It contains high protein, high fat, high fiber, and low carbohydrates. Hence its glycemic index is far lower than any normal cookies. Low Glycemic index products are useful for people who want to manage their weight, willing to manage blood sugar levels.

Acts as Prebiotic:

These Keto Cookies contain oligosaccharides that do not get absorbed in the intestines. Oligosaccharides go to the large intestine where they promote the growth of good bacteria and acts as prebiotic.

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