Gluten Free Breakfast Bars Low Carb -9 X 20g

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Replace Morning rusk with breakfast bar – You can also call these bars as almond flour rusk because they are made with pure almonds. Normal rusk are made with just plain maida which is high in gluten content and carbs. Just dip the Breakfast bar in tea like rusk and enjoy.

Processed in Gluten Free Area – We manufacture gluten free food in a separate gluten free area with gluten free equipment where wheat based food are not processed. Hence provide high quality gluten free products. We don’t use Maida or any other cheap flour in any of our gluten free product.

Pure Nuts and Seeds – NutroActive gluten free breakfast bars are made with pure nuts and seed with whey protein concentrate. These bars are made with gluten free ingredients rich in nutrients like almond, cashew nuts, pumpkin seed, coconut and sesame seeds. We do not use any other type of cheap flour like jowar, bajra, rice or starches because they contain lot of carbs.

Low carb – NutroActive Gluten Free breakfast bars contains about 50% less Carbohydrates than Normal Rusk. Low carb diet is well known for its benefits in weight loss and other life style diseases. This is an ideal snack for people who want to follow healthy diets to achieve their fitness goals.

Healthy Gifting – NutroActive Gluten Free Breakfast Bar can be a great Healthy Gifting option for your loved ones on various occasions eg. Festivals (Rakhi Gift, Diwali Gift, Christmas Gift, New Year Gift) Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gifts etc.


Now you can remain committed to your Keto Diet even while travelling. Since long NutroActive have been working on a healthy, tasty, gluten free and yet keto friendly morning snack option and here we are with a formula which is perfect, natural, yummy, gluten free and keto friendly. NutroActive Keto Breakfast Bar is made with whey protein concentrate, California almonds, coconut, cashew nuts etc. It will satisfy your hunger fully and you can have it anywhere and anytime. NutroActive stands apart from any other company because our products are made with proven ingredients supported by genuine research and used by many people around the world. NutroActive has also been awarded as the best Keto Products Company in India 2019.

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