Eating Low Carb and high fat diet may give some protection against the flu. The keto diet may improve heart health and also helps in controlling diabetes. Older patients with diabetes and heart diseases do experience more adverse effects from coronavirus due to weak immune system.

We know that there’s no coronavirus cure yet. It is best to prevent these diseases through diet that can help the patients to fight off infections & flu.

Switching to a keto diet may help boost the immune system & has the better ability to fight off the infection. Keto diet reduces carbohydrates intake and increases plant based foods. It helps in lowers your body’s inflammation levels, and helps to reverse insulin resistance, all of which are good news for the flu and other infections. Consuming food rich in Vitamin C can also help fight off infections.

Flu related inflammation can severely damage the lungs. The Keto Diet boosted & activates the numbers of a specific T cell that found in the lungs. T cells recognize and kill virus infected cells directly. It enhances the mucus production in the body and hence beat out the flu and related symptoms.

It activates the release of immune system cells that trap the virus before it spreads. In keto diet the body burns fat to produce ketone bodies from the food we eat, can fuel the immune system to fight flu infection. Hence Keto diet helps in improving overall health and immune system.

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